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Ainslie Schultz- Marketing Ethics

Assistant Professor of Marketing Ainslie Schultz explains marketing ethics, gives examples of companies who have allegedly marketed unethically, and points out why it is better for businesses to be ethical when marketing.

Dr. Laura Williams - Student Research Assistants

Dr. Laura Williams, assistant professor of biology at PC, discusses the areas of study that are available for undergraduate research. She also explains the benefits for both students and professors alike when involved in research.

Darra Mulderry - Providence College's 2019 Fulbright Scholars

Darra Mulderry, Providence College - Center for Engaged Learning Darra Mulderry, associate director of the Center for Engaged Learning and advisor to PC's Fulbright applicants, describes the Fulbright scholarship program and the nuances of applying for the scholarship. She also details the three PC students who were awarded 2019 Fulbright scholarships.

Alexander Moffett- The Importance of Studying Western Civilization

Director of the Development of Western Civilization Program, Dr. Alexander Moffett, discusses the misuses of the concept of Western Civilization, and the value of an education in Western Civilization to correct those misuses.

Eric Sung - The Business and Innovation Minor

Eric Sung, Director of the Business and Innovation Program, discusses the format of the business and innovation minor, the benefits of the program for arts and science majors, and why the arts and business are compatible fields.

Fr. James Cuddy, O.P. - An Easter Message to the PC Community

Vice President for Mission and Ministry. Fr. James Cuddy, O.P., shares a message for the PC Community as the campus prepares for Easter.

Jonathan Richardson- The Environmental Biology Major

Associate Professor of Biology, Dr. Jonathan Richardson, discusses the features of the new Environmental Biology major, why it was developed, and how it will enhance students' learning experiences.

Keith Morton & Carlene Fonseca- Feinstein 2.0

Keith Morton, Director, and Carlene Fonseca, Associate Director, of the Feinstein Institute for Public Service discuss what Feinstein 2.0 is, the community partnerships that the Feinstein Institute has, and the new feature of the Feinstein Fellows program.

Jennifer Van Reet- Director of the Center for Engaged Learning

The Director of the Center for Engaged Learning, Jennifer Van Reet, discusses her background in psychology, how that background helps her in her role as Director, and what it means to be an engaged learner.

Shan Mukhtar - Director of the Center @ Moore Hall

Inaugural Director of the Center @ Moore Hall, Shan Mukhtar, discusses her path to PC as the Director, her plans to develop the Center, and how to use the Center to engage students.

Jennifer Swanberg- Dean of the School of Professional Studies

Dean of Professional Studies, Jennifer Swanberg, talks about the path that led her to become the Dean, and describes the unique benefits of each major within the School of Professional Studies.

Michael O'Connor- Director of the PACT Program

The Director of the Providence Alliance of Catholic Teachers (PACT), Michael O'Connor discusses what PACT is, the benefit it gives to its students and partnering Catholic schools, and how the program is unique from other master's degree programs.

Ralph Tavares- MLK Convocation Week

Director of Multicultural Student Success, Ralph Tavares, discusses this year's MLK Convocation Week guest speaker, the week's events, and the importance of the program's theme.

Fr. James Cuddy, O.P. - A Christmas Message to the PC Community

Fr. James Cuddy, O.P. sends off the students for Christmas break, and shares his Christmas plans on campus as well as his biggest childhood Christmas memories.

Dr. Joseph DeGiorgis - Biology Summer Research Projects

Professor of Biology, Joseph DeGiorgis, describes the two projects that he and a group of student summer researchers worked on in Woods Hole, MA.

Brian McCadden - Dean of Graduate Programs

Newly appointed Dean of Graduate Programs, Brian McCadden, discusses the path that brought him to this position, as well as his goals for strengthening graduate programs at PC.

Joe Cammarano - Rhode Island Midterm Elections Results

Associate Professor of Political Science, Dr. Joe Cammarano, discusses his thoughts on the results of the Rhode Island midterm elections.

Adam Myers- Midterm Elections National Outlook

Dr. Adam Myers discusses his observations and predictions for the 2018 federal midterm elections.

Joseph Stanley- Dean of the Center for Global Education

Dean of the Center for Global Education (formerly the Center for International Studies), Joseph Stanley, discusses his vision for developing new opportunities for global education programs.

Bob Driscoll- PC Athletics New Additions

Athletic Director Bob Driscoll discusses the new additions made to the coaching staff across the PC Athletics programs and the promise that the newest recruitment class brings to their teams.

Bob Driscoll- Ruane Friar Development Center

Athletic Director Bob Driscoll discusses the highlights of the new Ruane Friar Development Center and the impact it will have on PC's Men's Basketball team and PC Athletics as a whole.

Sheila Adamus Liotta- Science Complex Renovation

Dr. Sheila Adamus Liotta, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, discusses the features of the new science complex and the benefits it will bring to STEM majors.

Dr. Adam Myers- Rhode Island Primary Election Results

Assistant Professor of Political Science Adam Myers discusses the results of the Rhode Island primary election, his predictions for November, and changes he's noticed in Rhode Island politics.

Victory Day

Victory Day is only celebrated in Rhode Island. Find out how it started from Prof. Ray Sickinger from the Providence College history department.

Dr. John "Jack" Costello- Jellyfish Research

Dr. John "Jack" Costello, professor of biology at PC, explains his research of jellyfish and the practical applications of the findings.

Brian Lamoureux- The Effects of Social Media

Brian Lamoureux, practitioner of management at PC, discusses the effects of social media and mobile devices on traditional media consumption.

Dr. Sharon Murphy- Banking & Slavery PART II

Dr. Sharon Murphy, professor of history at PC, elaborates on her research project focused on the relationship between banking and slavery. Dr. Murphy recently received an American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship to complete her project: "Banking on Slavery in the Antebellum South."

Dr. Sharon Murphy- Slavery & Banking PART I

Dr. Sharon Murphy, professor of history at PC, explains her current research project focused on the connection between slavery and banking. As her research continues to develop, PART II will be available at

Dr. John "Jack" Costello- 2018 Outstanding Faculty Scholar

Dr. John "Jack" Costello, professor of biology at PC, is the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award. He explains what this honor means to him and discusses his experiences in the Biology Department.

Providence College PACT Program

Brother Patrick Carey, cfc, Ph.D, director of PACT

Brian Lamoureux Facebook & The Data Debate

Professsor Brian Lamoureux talks about the future of Facebook. How did an app for meeting people turn into Senate Hearings for Mark Zuckerberg?

Dr Thomas Strasser Cretan Cave Findings

Dr. Thomas Strasser recently discovered the first evidence of Ice Age illustrations known to science. These were hidden in a cave in Crete, and were previously discovered by scientists in the '60's,

Dr. Laura Williams- Women in STEM

Dr. Laura Williams, assistant professor of biology at PC, explains women in STEM at the College and the climate of the industry as a whole.

Reverend James F. Quigley O.P.- Happy Easter

Reverend James F. Quigley O.P., associate chaplain of Mission & Ministry Office, speaks about the facets of Easter and wishes all of PC a Happy Easter!

Dr. Jessica Mulligan- Affordable Care Act

Dr. Jessica Mulligan, associate professor of health policy & management at PC, explains her book "Unequal Coverage: The Experience of Health Care Reform in the United States" and the implications of the Affordable Care Act.

Providence College Faculty Experts: St Patrick's Day

Providence College History Professor Paul O' Malley discusses the significance of St. Patrick's Day and its traditions. For more information, log onto

Dr. Laura Williams- Predatory Bacteria Research

Dr. Laura Williams, assistant professor of biology at PC, explains a study completed by herself and some of her students about predatory bacteria and its possibilities.

Dr. Todd Olszewski- The Relationship between Diet & Heart Disease

Dr. Todd Olszewski, assistant professor of health policy & management at PC, explains his article "The Causal Conundrum: The Diet-Heart Debates and the Management of Uncertainty in American Medicine."

Howard Bozigian- The Revival of G.I. Joe

Howard Bozigian, practitioner in marketing at PC, explains his work at Hasbro. He is featured on the Netflix series "The Toys That Made Us" explaining the revival of G.I. Joe

PC ranks #10 in study abroad programs among Master's Colleges & Universities

Adrian G. Beaulieu, dean of international studies

New at the PCSB: Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

Dr. Jonathan E. Jackson Jr., assistant professor of finance

"Antoine Frederic Ozanam," a biography by Dr. Ray Sickinger

Dr. Ray Sickinger, professor of history

Jerome Powell

Dean of School of Business Dr. Sylvia Maxfield Providence College

Dr. Raymond Sickinger on WJAR Channel 10 | Origin of Victory Day

Dr. Raymond Sickinger, professor of history, is featured on WJAR Channel 10 discussing the origin of Victory Day.

Leo Kahane

There will be open forums held across RI, and residents are being asked their thoughts on the proposed new stadium in Pawtucket. Dr. Leo Kahane shares his thoughts.

Importance of Sleep

Dr. Suzanne Bornschein (Providence College Health Center Physican) discusses the the importance of sleep and its impact of sleep on physical, mental, and emotional health.

PC Experts Dr Bill Hudson

PC Experts: Bob Hackey ACA with Trump

Providence College Professor of Health Policy Bob Hackey discusses what President-Elect Trump may do to modify the Affordable Health Care Act.

PC Experts - Veterans Day

PC Experts: Dr. Patrick Kelly on RI Ballot Question 1

PC Department of Accountancy Professor Pat Kelly discusses Question 1 on the 2016 RI Ballot.